Increase Your Brainpower and Improve Focus With This Soundtrack

What do you know about Solfeggio frequencies? What if I told you that you could retune yourself at a cellular level by listening to specific frequencies…would you believe me? There is so much to say and so little space to say it but if you’ll allow me to show you a few things, I guarantee you it will change the way you feel about every vibration you allow yourself to hear and feel. 

Cymatics is the study of sound using water or sand particles to observe the shapes of the waveforms. The properties of water when it encounters sound is amazing to witness. There are certain frequencies that cause the water to suddenly swirl and ripple with mathematic precision in the most beautiful ways. Look at these frequencies in action in the clip below (and mute this video, the audio is a pure frequency from an oscillator and not pleasing to the ear at ALL)

Now I can take you through a rabbit hole of frequencies and tuning, and start you with an assignment of looking up 432 vs 440hz and see what you find. Many attribute the assignment of “A” to 440 hz as an affront to the solfeggio scale, and frequency of the universe itself. When we listen to music other than classical, our ears can perceive a richness that exists beyond explanation. Its the color that is added by blues, jazz, soul, funk and lives beyond the 12 note scale. These frequencies that cause the hairs to raise up on your neck and gives goose bumps to your arms, are indeed powerful to the spirit, mind and body itself. When you see what these do to earth and water, you can imagine what these frequencies do to us. 

Chaos, unfocus, sickness, and destruction comes with being out of tune. I challenge you to discover these solfeggio frequencies for yourselves, and start to end or begin your day with a focused soundtrack tuned to uplift your spirit and help you conquer your dreams.                                                                              

: 174 Hz : Relieves Pain & Stress
00:09:00 : 285 Hz : Heals Tissues & Organs
00:18:00 : 396 Hz : Eliminates Fear
00:27:00 : 417 Hz : Wipes out Negativity
00:36:00 : 528 Hz : Repairs DNA, Brings Positive Transformation
00:45:00 : 639 Hz : Brings Love & Compassion in Life
00:54:00 : 741 Hz : Detoxifies Cells & Organs
01:03:00 : 852 Hz : Awakens Intuition, Raises Energy at Cellular Level
01:12:00 : 963 Hz : Connects to Higher Self.

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