#PassTheJay Pilot

Welcome to the first full length installment of the #PassTheJay Podcast. It features the organizers of the Massachusetts Marijuana Consumer Council who bring informational jewels for ways to have equity and inclusion of minorities in the growing cannabis industry.  Press Play and PassTheJay! 


Low key, this is everyone’s favorite terpene. Everyone that loves the loud. Its the most identifying smell when someone is looking for something that will get them high. And by “high” I mean lifted til their head is in the clouds. Floating. Its funky and earthy and spicy. Its the first note in the complex…

Brilliance of Resilience

A metaphysical moment with Mills. Reflecting on the brilliance of the resilience of melanated people.

“Work In Progress”

Take a metaphysical mindful moment and check out my thoughts on finding love when you’re a creative spirit. #passthejay