There is a Rockstar inside of You, find out how to Listen…

This video by KRS-One changed my inner being and my overstanding of our metaphysical existence. Interestingly enough, I later learned that apparently everyone doesn’t hear a voice inside their minds… but thats an entirely different article.

This is for the stars out there that DO hear a voice inside their mind. That whispers to them for all matters big and small, and is never ever wrong. Have you found yourself often saying, I knew that was going to happen, or something told me to… for those that have that something that always told them right, but they have trouble listening to themselves – this video will help reMind you of the strength of your inner voice. You speak with no mouth, you hear with no ears, you are divinity personified. Press play and reMind yourself who you are ❤ #passthejay

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