Some of the Best Weed you can Find is probably Growing in Your Backyard

Once the days start getting a little bit longer and spring has sprung, I am outside daily collecting dandelions. First, before you get all excited about all the amazing benefits you can find in your everyday dandelions, make sure you are collecting them from a safe place.

Because “weeds” are the word given to any plant growing that isn’t your basing boring nasty grass, many fields are heavily sprayed with all sorts of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, and un-natural fertilizers – so just like the other weed I love so much – we have to be mindful of organic growing methods because nobody wants any heavy metals or residual solvents in their medicine amiright.

Thats my hand, those are my daily dandelions – and for those of you with kids, this is a great activity for them to enjoy with you. Especially if you’re interested in collecting assorted edible flowers. After collecting them, I let them soak in cold salt water for 30mins to an hour before I use them for consumption.

Dandelion – The ubiquitous dandelion (Taxacum officinalis) is entirely edible. When picked small, and unopened, the flower buds have a surprising sweetness, reminiscent of honey. Young greens are also tasty either raw or steamed. Dandelion petals look very nice when scattered over pasta or rice. While dandelions are rather easy to come by, make sure to harvest them only from organic gardens. Avoid any grown near roads or picked from lawns where chemicals may be present.

These flowers are packed with benefits from top to tip, and the ways you can consume them are practically limitless. The roots are the most beneficial part of the plant, and its packed with vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. This plant has a high alkalinity, and the leaves can be added to salads, greens or mixed vegetables.

The flowers taste sweet, almost like honey and can be used in teas, jarred for jelly, fermented to make wine and liqueurs. You’ll have to collect several hundred to make a wine (or brandy), but I’ve heard that its delicious. I’ll definitely give it a try this summer.

This is how I get down with my dandelion tea, let me know how you brew your cup of sunshine #passthejay ❤

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