Homegrown Spotlight, A Selection of Frosty Fire Fresh from the Farmer

Gotta give a big shout out to a dope king I know that grows and blessed me with a selection of his finest flowers that just finished curing in the midst of quarantine. I was very happy to test these out and I have to put them all together in one post because they all were equally dope, and collectively was an amazing ride from bud to bud.

The New was the first flavor I went for and chose her because of her funky, gassy smell and her huge frosty and dense nugs. I could tell her history by the look and smell of her, sure enough I looked her up and she is the Sherbinski bref daughter of Girl Scout Cookies and Larry OG also known as Gelato 33. Excellently grown, trimmed and cured.

So then I woke up the next morning and started my day with this old favorite and she did not disappoint. She was much more dense than she looked like she’d be, and if you’re into rolling zigzags you’ll definitely get two nice ones rolled from a gram grown by our featured farmer.

This one right here ended up sending me to bed expeditiously. Like lickety split understand? I stamp this Blue Gelato as an official insomnia antidote. If you have problems sleeping this is the medicine for you. I’m certainly grabbing more of this to add to the medicine cabinet for guaranteed results. This is the weed MJ needed. No propofol.

The last one I sampled was Blue Dream, only because it’s one of those flavors that came across my palate years ago and went through that phase of ubiquity that leads to it becoming watered down and general, used to sell mediocre flower to people that are chasing names with no nug knowledge.

This sample was a beautiful trip down memory lane and brought that old thing back with its dreamy euphoria. Tasting like a funky floral blueberry dream, this delicious dank was a pleasant experience that let me float through life for several hours before gently setting me down to peacefully touchdown back on earth. Another excellent offering from our friendly farmer.

Highly recommended medicine, if you find yourself blessed with the opportunity to befriend our featured farmer, let him know we love to #passthejay

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