Punished by Poison Cake

Poison Cake is an exclusive cut gifted to me by the good folks at @harambeecakesco. Little did I know, Poison wasn’t just a shoutout to its Durban Poison Grandmother…it’s because this bud will sit you down and knock you out. I had a nice dense frosty purple nug that broke down into just enough to fill a backwood. I wasn’t fooled by the lack of girth, I knew those sticky buds would be potent medicine. She tasted phenomenal but taking in too much led to a serious chronic cough. Once I got my life together again, I could enjoy her full funky flavor and float away on a cloud. Time slowed down and it seemed like the jay burned for hours. I distinctly remember a point about halfway through when I realized I was way higher than half a blunt has gotten me in a very long time. Five star bud from #passthejay #tastemaker approved.

Look: 4.8

Smell: 4:9

Touch: 4.7

Taste: 5

Feel: 5


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