Cookie Monster Munchies

Another hard hitting gift from the good people of Washington, Cookie Monster is one for the books. Big buds that break down lovely so a little does a lot with this heft girl. Sticky, frosty, funky nugs are sure to melt your pains or pressures away. This is an evening choice for me, but for those that use heavy indicas to medicate extreme pain, you’ll love this one and may find it to be highly productive. Added to the medicine cabinet as serious pain relief, if you happen to roll up on this Cookie Monster on the streets, make sure you #passthejay. 

Look: 4.6
Smell: 4.6
Touch: 4.9
Taste: 4.7
Feel: 4.9


Cookie Monster is a 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup winner that blends the West Coast royalty, Girl Scout Cookies, and the legendary powerhouse, OG Kush. This combination yields dense frosted buds with hints of purple and orange hairs throughout. A 20/80 indica-dominant hybrid, Cookie Monster pushes the boundaries of Cookies’ medical uses and leans toward medium-to-full sedation. Use Cookie Monster to reduce physical discomfort, indigestion, or before bed to jumpstart your dream machine.

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