Feeling Face on Fire

The title alone had me very curious to see how this flower would have me feeling. These cultivar titles are really great marketing lol. I couldn’t smell her from a jar, but when I was able to smell a strong whiff from the bag, I was exited to find out how she would taste and feel. The one gram sample rolled up into one nice jay, and she hit with that old familiar funk. All in all, it was a solid taste and feel, but I wouldn’t say it had me unable to feel my face. Still, I was pretty high so she goes up on the blog. 

Takoma still has her on sale, and thats the only dispensary that has this seasonal selection currently. Definitely check her out while you can. 

Look: 4.2
Smell: 4.4
Touch: 4.2
Taste: 4.5
Feel: 4.7


Face on Fire – The popular Wifi43 clone found by the Jungle Boyz was used in this hybrid. Expect higher than average yields of dank OG buds with a more rounded top bud shape than your typical long OG spears. Heavy piney/limey dank OG scents protrude from most phenotypes of this hybrid. A few lean toward the Face/Off and White side which give you this lip smacking gummy bear funk with a full on low end kush note after flavor. Long lasting flavor and high, everything a seasoned Kush smoker dreams of.
Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, depression, insomnia

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