Cool Casper OG

Nowadays everybody slaps OG on the end of the name and I’ve grown to sort of roll my eyes at anything named as such that didn’t actually come from the northwestern part of California.  That being said, it was a while before I worked my way to trying out Casper OG. 

Smelling her out of the jar she was kept in, Casper wasn’t bad – but it wasn’t spectacular. Still, of course I pushed through for the good of science. I’m happy I did. This bud breaks down well giving you plenty to work with out of one gram. High scores for bulk and density. She had that nice OG Kush kind of taste as she burned, and gave me a very solid mellow wavy high. 

All in all, she gets put up on the board as one to check out for yourself. Catch Casper OG on sale at one of DCs local dispensaries. 

Look: 4.2
Smell: 4.1
Touch: 4.9
Taste: 4.6
Feel: 4.5


Casper OG is an indica-dominant strain with a unique history. By combining ThaDocta’s Face Off OG and ORGNKID’s Ghost OG, Casper OG (the friendliest OG you know) was brought into being from the great beyond. Known for its squat plants and nine week grow cycle, Casper OG is an ideal indoor grow. This plant delivers traditional indica effects that mellow the mind and body in small doses, but anchors the consumer to the couch with continued use. The terpene profile is rich with OG notes, including earth and delicate citrus. Enjoy Casper OG in the evening to maximize its stress-free relaxation and gradual sedation
Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, arthritis, cramps, insomnia, loss of appetite, migraine, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic

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