Blowing Aussie Blue

I stopped by the good folks at Takoma Wellness over the weekend to check for new releases. They hipped me to an old favorite that was back after a couple years of absence. I took a deep smell of fresh pine, lemon, lime and unk. Aussie Blues was heavy with terpinolene and I wondered if it would treat me like Trainwreck…the unky undertone led me to feel that it would be more like Sweet & Sour Sherbet. The breakdown wasn’t spectacular – 1g made for one nice backwood. Her bouquet opened up to show a slightly fruity, floral undertone hinting at myrcene and ocimene presence. When I hit her, she wasn’t as tasty as I wanted her to be. As I tried to decide how I’d rate her flavor, I was distracted by how she made me feel. 

Every hit gave my head a rush, leaving my nose tingling and my eyes a little watery. I became very relaxed yet hyper sensitive to touch. It felt like I just did a yoga session. I’m sure if I had a headache or body pains they would’ve melted away. By the end of the slow burning jay, I knew I’d have to post a review for this interesting Aussie Blue. #passthejay approved. 

Look: 4.7
Smell: 4.9
Touch: 4.4
Taste: 4
Feel: 4.9


“Good on ya, mate!” is an Australian expression that suits Aussie Blues perfectly. Once you hit it, this Australian haze weed gives you a strong, uplifting feeling. You are even close to feeling psychedelic. In short, this weed will make you hyperactive after you’ve taken a puff. So if you’re lacking energy to finish a task, Aussie Blue is – as Australians would call it – totally ace! 
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Veganically Grown, Finished by Hand, Slow Dried

Product Additives: Vegamatrix Nutrient Line – Grow, Bloom, Boost, Prime-Zyme, Amp-IT, pH up and down; Botanigard, Azamax

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, pain: muscle/joint, pain: neuropathic

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