Terpinolene is responsible for that bright piney smell that accompanies well known strains such as Trainwreck and Jack Herer. Research notes its antibiotic, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer properties as well as its ability to be a sedative. This terpene is the one that made me truly study the individual reactions a person has to specific strains. I’m very sensitive to this terpene, and learning more about what it does helped me to understand the effect it had on my mind. I’ve found this terp to announce a lift-off to outerspace that I need to be ready for. It gets me super high. Unfunctionally high, if I need to use my brain quickly. Its beautiful if all I need is to laugh and zone out staring into space. Sometimes it shoots me into springs of creativity when its accompanied by other terps to mellow out its effects. I’m very curious to know about your experience with this terpene and how it gets you high. Comment and let me know, after you check out some more information about Terpinolene:


I found a great article from the wonderful growers at Royal Queen Seeds that really went into depth about the research thats been done on Terpinolene as well as many strains and variants that are known to be dominant in this terpene.

Terpenes are chemicals with a huge array of fragrances, flavours, and effects. Their extractions from plants are the most important components of the essential oils used in herbal medicine, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Terpinolene is used as an aroma agent in soaps and perfumes, and also as a component of some insect repellents. As opposed to other terpenes found in cannabis, terpinolene is neither an analgesic nor an anti-inflammatory. However, this terpene is studied for its antifungal and antibacterial properties, and also for its mild sedative action. We are interested in terpinolene as users and patients because it is one of the actors in the synergetic performance that enhances the action of THC and CBD.


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