Smoking Sweet and Sour Sherbet

First pause for the super high cause of me looking up Sherbet vs Sherbert. LoL man, the more you know. Anyways, back to the subject at hand. This new release from the good folks at Abatin Wellness Center is a solid bud. Just enough terpinolene to lift you up takes a piney spin on Sunset Sherbet. If you’re a fan of this family that Girl Scout Cookies parents, you’ll love the high hills this flower will have you rolling on. For the experienced smoker, I think you’ll enjoy a sativa like coast of happy productivity. Those who are sensitive to the indica parents of GSC, might not want to take this one lightly. She is super frosty but not super sticky so it was pretty easy to break down. The taste didn’t wow me but the high was quite nice, so I had to write a note about how she was making me feel. Try some out for yourself and let me know what you think. #passthejay

Look: 4.8
Smell: 4.8
Touch: 4.6
Taste: 4.5
Feel: 4.8


Sweet and Sour


Classic hybrid born out of breeding one of the original parents of Sunset Sherbet with one of our classic terpinolene powerhouses. This fragrant flower is full of terpenes that give off sweet citrous notes in combination with a sour sherbet finish. It’s mouthwatering to think about. Chocked full of Sativa-like effects that flood the mind and invigorate the body. Sweet and Sour Sherbet, also known internally as S-cubed, shows of her Shire heritage with greater than 2% terps and high THC content. Good for just about anything.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, muscle spasms, pain: muscle/joint

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