Climbing Mountain Temple

This bud came recommended by the owner of Herbal Alternatives, Jen herself. If you know her, you know she is very careful with her words. Usually when I ask for the weekly picks, she tells me what customers like. This was her first personal recommendation. When I finish writing this blog, I owe her a phone call because she was right. This bud has a high I’ve never climbed before. Its a beautiful sativa hybrid that leaves you wanting more. The floral and pine notes show the presence of two of my favorite terpenes, pinene and ocimene. I’m sure test results would probably show the presence of linalool as well. I’m adding this one to the medicine cabinet as an immediate anti-depressent, anti-anxiety medication. Seriously, pause for the cause for all those who experience bouts of depression. I can relate. I’m thankful for cannabis, it truly saves lives when used appropriately. The right flower can truly lift you up and help you to vibrate higher. So, if you’re ever feeling down or just want a pick me up – this bud is for you!

Look: 4.6
Smell: 4.7
Touch: 4.9
Taste: 5
Feel: 5


mountain temple

Mountain Temple Is a bodhi seeds selection, consisting of Temple (Williams wonder x ChemDawg) and a male of Appalachia (Green Crack x Tres Dawg). Mountain Temple leans towards it sativa heritage with its day brightening, uplifting affects and thick delicious taste. The flavor consists of spicy citron and hazy melon with a funky Chem Dawg bottom end and floral high notes from the Williams wonder. This strain has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant qualities which propels one’s mind into a wonderfully creative and insightful space. This strain is great for creative endeavors, social gatherings, playing or listening to music, and has a very meditative nature.

Symptoms & Conditions: anxiety, cramps, depression, fibromyalgia, loss of appetite, migraine, pain: muscle/joint–2/products/mountain-temple–2

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